Twitter considers raising over $100 mill

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Twitter considers raising over $100 million: report | Reuters


Twitter Blog: Tweet Button Bookmarklet: Share links from any page

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This is icon for social networking website. Th...

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Twitter Blog: Tweet Button Bookmarklet: Share links from any page.

Hootsuite для Twitter – обзор на видео | Твой Твиттер

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Hootsuite для Twitter – обзор на видео | Твой Твиттер.

fringOut Preview version

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If you are eager to save major money on calls, be the 1st to try the fringOut preview version (currently only on Nokia)

Evernote – Помни всё

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Используйте Evernote, чтобы сохранять идеи и все, что вы видите и чем интересуетесь. Потом находите сохраненные записи на любом компьютере или устройстве. Бесплатно.

Evernote отлично подходит для создания заметок, сохранения интересных веб-страниц, голосовых сообщений, фотографий визитных карточек, для ведения списков дел и еще для многих других задач.


Download Meter

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Ready to get control of your spending on mobile Internet? Then it is time to get Download Meter, a new application to measure and track traffic – the amount of data your device transfers from and to the Internet while surfing websites, watching YouTube, checking email, researching maps, or playing online games. Measuring traffic allows you to control your expenses on your connectivity by not exceeding the limits of data you can transfer for free per your cell phone plan or traffic allowed by your WiFi plan. You can also estimate your needs in traffic before traveling abroad and estimate your expenses. This application even allows users to define a monthly traffic limit…


Google Updates Gmail for iPad With Stack

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Google Updates Gmail for iPad With Stacked Cards