Reeder 2

First of all, since a lot of people were asking, I’d like to point out that version 2 will be a free update if you already bought Reeder.

The first major update will bring some of the most requested features to Reeder. Apart from the new features, a lot of work was put into making everything faster… expect to see faster syncing and a more responsive UI while syncing. Or in more technical terms, Reeder doesn’t depend on CoreData anymore by using SQLite directly.

So, there is better performance, what else will make Reeder 2.0 so much better than 1.2? Well, let’s start with…

State saving

Finally, Reeder will remember where it was last time you used it. When quitting the app, Reeder will save its state and restore it on relaunch. No need to panic anymore if you get a phone call while reading an article.